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Zoom Calming Face Cleanser | RESTORE - naturalskincare-australia
Zoom Calming Face Cleanser | RESTORE - naturalskincare-australia
Zoom Calming Face Cleanser | RESTORE - naturalskincare-australia

Calming Face Cleanser | RESTORE

$34.00 AUD


Delight in the gentlest of cleansing rituals with our lush and silky Calming Face Cleanser. This soothing, soap-free gel formula is wonderfully nurturing to even the most sensitive skin, removing the daily buildup of impurities, whilst preserving your skin’s natural oils to leave it feeling clean and calm without dryness. With powerful bioactive Australian Native Extracts of Emu Apple, Quandong, Kakadu Plum & Tasmanian Kelp.



Natural Scent • 120mL Recyclable/Refillable PET bottle
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Calming Face Cleanser / RESTORE


Now you can confidently begin and end each day with a delicately soft and silky cleanser, no matter your skin type!  I love its luxurious satin feel on the skin and its pleasant ‘clean’ scent that makes this ritual a breeze.



Feel the freshness of pure Tasmanian Spring Water purify and infuse your skin with essential mineral goodness. Complimented by the softest of organic mineral Australian clays that effectively remove and gently exfoliate away everyday makeup, dirt, environmental pollutants and excess sebum, without disturbing the natural pH balance (like many commercial cleansers). 


Our Calming Face Cleanser has a gorgeous light baby pink hue from the Australian pink clay that helps to replenish and regenerate the epidermis to nourish and boost your natural skin’s glow.  Bioactive Australian Native Extracts work to actively purify, brighten and calm the skin, combat free radicals and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.


The result is a softly cleansed conditioned skin feel from the richness of luxurious Australian native Kakadu Plum Oil and Infused Calendula Oil.


Available in a 120ml recyclable PET pump bottle or 120ml refill pouch.


SAVE 10%! Refill/reuse your bottle in either size with our 120ml refill pouch, which means your existing pump bottle can have a longer life before being recycled. Our refillables are a great option to choose to refill and reuse your existing bottle/jar.

**Only refill your bottles whilst they are kept clean, dry and well cared for. 
**We keep refills to just a standard size to ensure product freshness and so you only buy what you need.


 Ocean Safe




Gently cleanses the face in a soap & sulphate free non-foaming formula that won't disturb the skin's natural pH balance.

Promotes a softly cleansed and conditioned skin feel without harshness.

Gentle enough to use twice daily to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking its best.

Key Actives

Australian Native Kakadu Plum Seed Oil – Super hydrating, replenishing and restorative, rich in Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids and Antioxidants to boost skin moisture and glow. Naturally antibacterial to help balance acne prone skin. Barrier protection against water loss, inflammation and free radical activity from UV rays and pollution.

Australian oils of Calendula Infused in Jojoba Oil to help calm, soothe and reduce skin redness and sensitivity.

Australian Organic Pink Mineral Clay to activate a gentle cleansing and micro exfoliation on the skin to remove makeup, dirt, excess sebum and impurities.

Australian Cellular Oat Extract is a super anti-inflammatory and skin emollient, to help calm redness and sensitivity, condition the skin and improve its barrier function.

Native Cellular Extracts of Emu Apple, Quandong, Kakadu Plum – provide an abundance of Bioactive vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that are wonderful skin soothers, hydrators and regenerators, that help to calm inflamed, reactive skin and work to nurture and protect skin integrity.


Massage our Calming Face Cleanser on dry or damp skin for a minimum of 30 seconds to remove makeup and impurities, before rinsing with warm water.

For superior cleansing results, spend at least 1 minute massaging it into your skin (pretend you are at the beauty parlour), then leave on for up to 5 minutes before rinsing off with water. This allows the organic clay minerals to completely melt away makeup and pollution debris, excess sebum and dead skin cells, as well as boosting circulation - which is vital for healthy looking skin.

Alternatively, apply cleanser and press a warm damp wash-cloth over the face before rinsing. Repeat if needed for a double cleanse to remove excess makeup. Gently pat face dry and follow with Toner and/or Moisturiser.

For very sensitive skin, patch test first if needed to ensure skin compatibility. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

TIP: To get the last bit of cleanser out of your bottle, simply store your bottle upside down and the remaining product will flow to the top so it can all be used. Time to order a replacement cleanser while you get another few days worth!


**Aqua (and) Vegetable Glycerine (and) Sclerotium Gum, **Tasmanian Spring Water, **Kaolin (and) Iron Oxides (Pink Clay), **Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract, **Terminalia Fernandiana (Kakadu Plum) Seed Oil, **Calendula Officinalis & **Simmondsia Chinensis (Calendula infused in Jojoba Oil), **Kunzea Pomifera (Emu Apple) Extract, **Santalum Acuminatum (Quandong) Fruit Extract, **Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Extract, **Durvillea Potatorum (Tasmanian Kelp) Extract, ^Propanediol, ^Glyceryl Caprylate & ^Glyceryl Undecylenate, ^Bacillus Ferment & Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate

**Australian Origin, ^EcoCertified

BALANCE / ocean blue

normal-oily / combination / congested / problem skin

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NOURISH / ochre red

normal-dry / mature / damaged skin

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GLOW / aqua sea green with text

All Skin types

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RESTORE / hillier pink

All skin types - especially sensitive / couperose / young skin

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