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Towards Refillable Beauty

Embrace the concept of refillable beauty as part of mindful living, to reduce, recycle, reuse.

When it comes to beauty products, packaging is a hot debate, creating an enormous amount of plastic waste going straight to landfill. The visibility of plastic waste in our communities, washing up on beaches and places we travel is wreaking havoc on our environment, affecting waterways & marine life, surrounding native wildlife, plants and people.  

Did you realise that the beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the biggest offenders of single use plastics? Yes, there is an ugly side to beauty, where the industry produces more than 120 billion units globally of rigid plastic packaging each year - most of which is not truly recyclable. 

In a world where we are now at a tipping point of plastic waste buildup, as a global nation we are realising the importance of prioritising sustainability and conserving our natural environment.  Plastic itself is not necessarily the enemy, but the failure of large companies that are still housing their products in single use plastics that are non-recyclable.

Take for example hotel bathroom amenities, where every day, millions of mini plastic bottles of shampoo, body wash, conditioner are thrown into bin bags and sent off to landfill, equating to tonnes of extra rubbish every year.

Despite a shift in the beauty sector mindset towards introducing refillable, recyclable packaging, sadly, the global beauty industry as a whole is lagging behind solutions to introduce the use of more eco-friendly packaging. With predicted global industry growth to exceed $716B by 2025, the race to reduce plastic waste problem and create a more circular economy seems an insurmountable challenge.

Refillable beauty is just one step we can adopt towards reducing plastic waste. As an indie beauty brand, we are very mindful about our packaging and where possible, we are excited to offer refillable options of our products, so when you repurchase that same product, you can reuse your existing packaging – in some cases, infinitely!  For example – our newest Clay Mask refills come in a biodegradable bag that fills your existing jar, which can be used over and over again – no need for it to ever be thrown away! 

Our standard size packaging is housed in 100% recyclable PET or glass, (which can be refilled, recycled or repurposed), whilst our refill packs are fully recyclable through a REDCYCLE bin at your local supermarket.

We encourage you to reuse your closures for as long as you can (ie. especially lotion/serum pumps/sprays), as these contain mixed plastics which are unfortunately not recyclable.  Since every beauty formula requires a certain type of dispensing and to be done so hygenically, be it liquid, spray, serum or cream, these are a non-avoidable addition for the most part that do end up in landfill when discarded. Oh well, I never said we were perfect!

With new innovative solutions of fully recyclable closures slowly becoming available, we can’t wait for these to make their way to Australia!

Globally, we may never solve the plastic problem, but as communities and individuals we can all strive to take small steps to reduce our plastic use going to landfill.  Making the future of beauty more sustainable with refillable options and reusable containers is just one small way to start closing the loop.

So when it comes to your personal beauty care, become more mindful about your choices and embrace the concept of refillable beauty - join us on our mission to reduce/reuse/recycle!  

Reduce your plastic footprint, create less waste and save up to 20% on our refillable skincare products!

Current Refillables:
Moisturisers – Aloe Moisture Balm, Face Cream, Face Lotion, Skin Moisture Mist
Eyes - Eye Love Serum, Eye Love Intense
Serums – Daily C Serum, Radiant Glow Drops, Skin Boost Serum
Clay Masks
Exfoliants – Buff Away Face Powder, Buff Away Body Powder
Hair – Moisture Balance Oil Serum, Detangle+Condition Leave in Spray