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World Environment Day 2023 | Australian Native Beauty

June 5 – World Environment Day

#BeatPlasticPollution 🌿

The Bay of Fires – Tasmania
Have you been here??
One of the few truly untouched places on the planet with magical landscapes, where orange lichen covered granite boulders meet the emerald coloured pristine waters of the mighty Southern Ocean, filled with abundant bird and marine life.

Imagine if this beautiful place was awash with plastic mayhem.

Taking action on plastic pollution matters.

Today, let us all take a moment to reflect on how we can each lighten our plastic footprint on this earth.🌏

Even our smallest actions to help reduce and limit our plastic use will enable us to protect and enjoy our beautiful planet for longer. Australia is still indeed ‘the lucky country’ – we are blessed to have many pristine waterways, forests and heritage land without plastic pollution buildup.

But are we taking steps to change how we produce, consume and dispose of the plastic we use?

With so many valuable uses in our daily lives, plastic itself is not the problem.
It is the amount of single use plastic we now have to dispose of – think 40 million tonnes of plastic waste each year.  This equates to approximately 85% of plastic produced ending up in landfill or unregulated waste.  Not to mention the exponential increase of greenhouse gas emissions associated with plastic production. Ultimately this plastic overload has severe environmental, social, economic and health consequences. 

What is YOUR call to action?? 👣

Collectively, we can create simple changes to beat plastic pollution in our cities and coastlines to keep them being choked with plastic.
*Choose to invest in sustainable, reusable, refillable items with no plastic packaging.
*Take part in a beach, river or local clean up.
*Rethink your choice of personal care products which are a major source of microplastics that contribute to plastic pollution in both landfill and waterways.

Make a difference!
Now is the time to break the plastic cycle.

Let’s be mindful of our impact on this planet, our health and future generations. We must learn how to move forward and create change – and it all starts with us to effect these bigger changes in our world.

NSA products are proudly microplastic free, offering both recyclable and refillable packaging, so if you are reading this, why not try us out for your personal care needs to do your bit in helping the planet and taking steps towards embracing a greener footprint for life - just one small way in which we can live more sustainably with nature!