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NSA products are categorised into 4 main categories according to general skin types: 

NOURISH - normal-dry, mature, damaged skin 
BALANCE - normal-oily-combination, teens, male skin
RESTORE - all skin types, especially sensitive or young skin
GLOW - all skin types

According to your specific skincare needs and concerns, you will find these ranges can be mixed and matched, so essentially have a good browse before selecting your final choice!  For example, our GLOW range of products are broadly suited to all skin types, so if you have been looking at our RESTORE range for sensitive skin,  our GLOW range may offer you an additional extra or alternative option.

NSA products are also conveniently colour coded for instant visual recognition of your skin type as well as reflecting the iconic colours of Australia.


NOURISH - normal-dry, mature, damaged skin 

Think Desert Country!  - Iconic and dramatic, the vast red earth plains of the Australian outback are a dry, dusty, weathered environment where only the toughest of land plants and animals can survive.

Does this sound like your skin?  Dry, dehydrated, rough, lacking glow and vitality?
Then our NOURISH range is for you!  Its colour coded ochre red label is symbolic of our barren outback and created for drier, sun-damaged, aging skin types. Brimming with powerful native extracts that are active hydrators, skin conditioners, brighteners and antioxidants to restore a smoother, more radiant and supple youthful glow.

BALANCE - normal-oily-combination, teens, male skin

Ocean Sanctuary – the pristine blue waters surrounding our continent are rich with cleansing salts and minerals to refresh your skin.

Is your skin prone to imbalances? Then our BALANCE range is for you! Its colour coded blue label is symbolic of our cleansing oceans that flush away impurities, combating excess oiliness, sebum buildup, blocked or enlarged pores, blemishes, breakouts and acne to restore a more balanced, healthier skin microbiome. Created with lightweight ingredients, including powerful Australian Great Barrier Reef Sea Minerals and healing clays to purify and minimise blemish causing bacteria and supported by potent native extracts to bring back your skin freshness, clarity and harmony.

RESTORE - all skin types, especially sensitive or young skin

Hillier Pink Lake – Famous for its striking shade of bubblegum pink, this is a mesmerising salt water lake on Middle Island, off Western Australia.

Such a reactive colour inspired the pink color coded label for our Restore range, symbolic of sensitive, delicate or allergic skin that is prone to redness and inflammation.  So gentle, it can be used by any skin type, scent free and containing no plant nut oils. Enriched with healing MSM and soothing, cooling and calming actives that help to restore impaired skin barrier function, for a less reactive, less inflamed complexion that sings ‘happy skin’!


GLOW - all skin types

Aqua Coast – Australia’s coastline is home to stunning aqua marine reefs that glisten with crystal clarity that take your breath away – imagine if your skin could take on such a glow!

That is why we created our GLOW range! It’s colour coded aqua label reflects a collection of incredible products to revitalise your skin’s natural radiance, creating a smooth clarity and youthful like texture we all crave to hold onto. Designed for all skin types, with active skin enhancers and smoothers such as powerful natural fruit AHAs, Vitamin C and ocean-safe exfoliants – all to complement and boost your skin to next level glow.

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